July 17, 2010 - Harney House

Sticks Downey has never played a house party, and I personally haven't done one in years. So, when we got invited by our new pals in Bling Theatre to set up shop in their basement and kick some verbals, we couldn't say no. We weren't sure what to expect, but everyone there was really cool, really into the music, and really nice to us. Good group. Good crowd. Sharp bunch. Solid taste in music.

(I'm going to be linking to some pages from Eli Duke's Flickr page, so I want to give him the credit. Thanks for taking the pics!)

Longwood Soul Review opened the show, and they were solid. I think they said they're just sort of getting going with this group (though they seemed to have a bunch of other projects happening presently as well), but they didn't seem wet behind the ears. Big beats and fun rhymes. My type of group.

We went second, and you can check some more photos from our set here. It was hot down in that basement, but the crowd was into it and Foots and I gave them what they wanted: songs about washed-up pro athletes, dead musicians, and gambling. They seemed to dig it. And like I said, they were all cool. Looking forward to getting sweaty in that basement again.

The incomparable Buttery Lords were next, and like us (me, specifically), they brought the sweat. You gotta work for it. They know that. They busted out a bunch of new material, and Foots and I even hopped back up there for a rousing rendition of "Sticks of Butter" towards the end of their set. Love doing that song, and though we've rocked it a few times live before that, this time was the best so far. Verses were nailed.

Our humble hosts Bling Theatre wrapped up the evening's entertainment, playing to their home-field crowd and not hitting the stage until after 2. Good mix of elements there, and everyone was really into it. I continued to sweat while enjoying their set. They kept it short and sweet, because they know - like we do - that that's the way to do it.

We're hoping to play another Harney House show at some point, so keep it here for details. I'm going to start updating this site more, I promise. New music is being made, and new words are being placed next to each other. Things are happening.