"Night of the Demons"



The Sticks Halloween track for 2011. Download it for free here.


Angela’s a weirdo, plays it cool alone
But she’s hosting a rager at the funeral home
Hull House, deserted, givin’ teens a chance
To drink beer, pump jams, ditch the Halloween dance
Down the darkest roads, the farthest edge of town
It’s invitation-only and they’ll never be found
So get it on in a coffin, or you can just kick back
Or you can peer into a mirror till it turns pitch black
The plan was special – just to see some screamin’
Now Suzanne’s a vessel for a seething demon
And she’s lockin’ lips with Angela to spread the spirit
They’re speaking sorta creepy so the dead can hear it
Stooge – the punk-rock jock on the make
He’s watching Ang dance, look of shock on his face
‘Cos she calls him over so they can make it out
And when she bites off his tongue, blood sprays from his mouth
The possession session, sickening the vic
Suzanne’s hand’s jammin’ lipstick in her tit
Judy’s movin’, tryin’ to see some light
Holdin’ out for morning through the demon night

Angela’ll hand you fingertips of flame
Hovering in hallways, skin that’s drippin’ gray
And she’s gliding to the violence, smile with jagged teeth
Playing hostess to the voices of a haggard beast
And now Stooge is swarming and he’s bashing kids
Removed a dude’s arm with a casket lid
Spreading the possession as he wrecks with heft
Judy’s on the move but there’re no exits left
On the dodge with Rog, but he just pants and shouts:
“We can’t get out. We can’t get out.”
So you can burn a body, but the spirit stays
You can pop some eyeballs but they’ll hear their way
It’s a party – and it goes till dawn
Hull House – where you see your guts spill on the lawn
They’re inside you hidin’, you can’t fight the screamin’
When they find you dyin’, it’s the night of the demons.