"Milk Duds and Guts"



The first Sticks Downey Halloween-centric track, released in October of 2009. Download it for free here.


Streets teeming, the evening’s black as tar
Seas of pre-teens fiending for Zagnut bars
They’re rockin’ gashes and scars, with the blood marks showing
I saw an underground bar where the C.H.U.D.s are going
Yeah the roads are flowin’, lots of dregs and creeps
Stoned jokers throwing rotten eggs at jeeps
Fleets, packs and bunches – kids are sneaking out
Gonna smash your pumpkins, TP your house
They’re out searching around and they’ve found some trouble
Mix a fountain with detergent it’s a mountain of bubbles
Corn fields are hacked till they’re a major maze
While the farmer stuffs his apples with razor blades
In his vacant gaze are thoughts of choppin’ heads
He was slain in ’88 now he’s the walking dead
His combine has a mind to leave bodies in piles
He’s at the reigns, craving brains straight zombie style
And on Halloween night the kids descend on his field
Eatin’ treats while they decide if the legend’s real
Their screams fill the air their blood floods the ruts
A nightmarish irrigation Milk Duds and guts