One of two C.H.U.D.-based Sticks tracks from Halloween 2010. Download it for free here.


Underneath the streets where the sewage funnels
It’s where the creatures feast and tear through the tunnels
There’s been a steep depletion in the grungiest slums
The soup kitchen’s missing some of its hungriest bums
Radiation’s blazing, it careens in waves
The police captain’s wife hasn’t been seen in days
And as the local homeless try to hunt guns down
There’s a rumble comin’ from the underground
The manhole covers start to slowly rise
Revealing monstrous claws and sets of glowing eyes
And the suits who run the city know they’re out for blood
But they’re corrupt so they cover up what they’ve dubbed the...

The geiger counter squeaks a beeping sound
Because nuclear ooze is their breeding ground
The commish dumped the waste he needs to squash the truth
But he underestimates Captain Bosch and his group
The Cap’s wife washed up and he’s appearing weary
While the Rev. who runs the shelters spouts conspiracy theories
George Cooper knows the sewer it’s where his photos were snapped
Now he’s down there with the reverend ‘cos they’ve both been trapped
The commissioner’s plan has moved up a phase
He’s pumpin’ gas into the tunnels to set the C.H.U.D.s ablaze
But George and Rev. have got a man upstairs
Bosch gets ‘em to an exit as they gasp for air
The gas seeps to the surface, glowing eyes rise up
The commish is kamikaze, he’s hijacked a truck
The Rev. aims his gun, the truck floods with fumes
The old man and the sewer and the C.H.U.D.s go...