About Sticks Downey

Sticks Downey is the solo-ish project of Portland, Oregon MC/producer Wockenfuss.

He makes the beats, writes the words, does the recording, and generally oversees all aspects.

He gets help from a few friends:

Talik plays bass on a lot of the tracks, and occasional keyboards.

Foots provides singing on some songs, and is an essential live-show vocalist/hypewoman.

Sticks Downey formed in 2007, and in 2009 they released their first (and so far only) album, When the Belt Changes Hands, on Wockenfuss's ultra-boutique label, Sly Records.

At the time, Wockenfuss described the album as "Unhinged, scattershot raps forcefully delivered over a high-BPM meld of programmed elements and live instruments." That still sounds about right.

With songs as much about wrestling, baseball, TV, and self-satisfaction as they are about nothing, Sticks Downey prides itself on cornering a market that no one else might find a reason to bother with. Wockenfuss lists Big Daddy Kane, MC Paul Barman, the Beastie Boys in 1992, Ric Flair, The Midnight Express, the 1986 Mets, and coffee as influences.

Sticks Downey disbanded in 2013 and Wockenfuss is now solo dolo.

Need Sticks Downey press photos? You can find some here.

About Wockenfuss

Wockenfuss of Sticks DowneyWockenfuss (sometimes Johnny Wockenfuss or BTB) is a Portland, Oregon rapper/beatmaker/producer/recordist. He is formerly of the group CAC.

Aside from making music with Sticks Downey, he also maintains some stuff on the internet.

He is on Twitter

He is on Tumblr.

He writes a music blog called Stallion Alert.

He manages the Sly Records website, where he updated the Weekly Waste every Wednesday morning for 500 weeks. He's taking a short break from that right now.

If you want to ask him anything, you can do it on Tumblr for the world to see, or you can email him here.